Significantly Reduced Battery Life

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My PowerBook 667 DVI gets less than 45 minutes at 100% brightness, full processor speed, and light use of safari, mail, and ichat. That's significantly reduced from what I used to get. I should get somewhere around three times the battery life under the same conditions.

The battery is pretty useless. Is it "dead" more or less? Do I need a new battery or could I salvage this one somehow?


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    How old is the battery?

    You might want to try resetting the PMU, info in this thread.

    You might also want to try re-calibrating the battery. Let it charge to 100%, than drain it all the way (until your PB sleeps because of low battery). Do that twice and see if it doesn't help.
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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    do you think you could get it covered underwarranty?

    I noticed similar behavior as well... I think I'm going to have to have someone take a look at it because 45 min is not acceptable... (mine is actually closer to an hour, but still less)

    is this "normal" wear and tear?
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    Again, how old are your batteries? I would imagine that they aren't that old on those PBs, remember, those batteries should be getting around 1000 cycles. If they start to head south before that than try my suggestions from above (reset the PMU and re-calibrate) if that doesn't help and you think you should be covered under AppleCare, call Apple. If it's not covered you may want to head out in search of a new battery.
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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    i got my computer on jaguar day last year, but it was a floor model...

    so like 20 months or so...

    wow it is getting old heh
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    20 months is kind of old. She's going on 2 years there. Normally a battery should give you that kind of life, but seeing as it was a floor model when you picked it up...that doesn't instill confidence in me that the thing was perfect when you got it.
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    shawnjshawnj Posts: 6,656member
    Thanks for the suggestions, DMBand.

    Paul and I have the same model.

    Mine is about 17-18 months old. Bought it brand new.
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