Headphone Ports on my 2 new g5's are not working...

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I just purchased 2-2 GHZ G5's for work. They are all cherries and cream....then I wanted to use the headphone ports on the front...well, no set of headphones work on these. The one G5 was working, and then without question, POOF! Not working. Tried every set of headphones myself and business partner could come up with (11 set in all, no two the same). It sounds as if there is a power feedback into the headphones and then it goes silent. I have checked the system volume level, and even directly selected the audio out in system prefrences. Spoke to a person over at Apple, they suggested I open the DVD player and select the sound out as well. (guess that has fixed some people's complaints about the headphone not being usable issue). Well, needless to say, I don't want to have Apple take these Machines away for fixing?unless every other option has been exhausted. The Dual 1GHZ G4's that these have replaced have already left the building. Ideas anyone?

Thanks in advance!


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