Would Apple lend me some computers...?

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I'm launching a new website on the 6th March, for a UK charity. We're going to be doing a whole "launch party" for it, followed by the website being on display at the location for the rest of the day (a shopping mall kind of place) for the public to access.

To do this, though, computers are needed. Considering it's public and everything, it'd be great if they could be matching, and even better if they were Apple Macs. So... what are the odds that Apple will lend me 10 computers or so for a couple of days? And who would I be best off talking to about it? (remembering I'm in the UK, and hence really don't want to make transatlantic calls...) As it stands, I plan on ringing a sales line or something and asking to be passed up the chain until I get someone that can authorise something like that...

The website will be http://www.youngenterprisenw.org/ BTW.


--Mike Peel


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    I have a friend, retired, that provides and maintains computers for a senior center in my area.

    He stays at it, but he gathers corporate outdated boxes, adds a little ram and a little tinder care... and the Boxes are off and running... These Boxes are suitable for things like word processing, surfing, ect

    now as far as Apple, who knows?

    Seems like they just opened a new store in England, Perhaps you can sell them of a promotional piece, news coverage for a eMac...

    Best of luck, Sounds like a great cause...
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    You're better off asking a reseller to hook you up with refurbished systems, or finding a local Apple Market Center (If they have them there) and attempting to talk to someone there about it. Your project is nowhere near high profile enough for Apple HQ to get on board.

    When my previous company exhibited at Macworld (We were a publication that provided live coverage, specifically of the gaming championships) MacMall consistently let us use refurbished systems. Silicon Graphics even gave us some flat panel displays to use, and so forth. We had to give them back, but we didn't really want to keep them anyway.

    So talk to resellers or other companies that feel they might have something to gain. Apple HQ isn't really going to humor you, I hate to tell you. Been there.
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    From Apple? I don't think so.

    A may be for the media press.. I guess.
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