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in Genius Bar edited January 2014
i was indexing my HD the other night, then i stopped it at like 42000 files, then i tried to index it again, and it started then stopped, and wouldn't index it. i repaired permisisions, restarted, and i still can't index it. why not?


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    *nudges post up*
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    What happens if you index smaller amounts - does it freeze?

    Sheer volume might be causing it to choke. I have heard of file transfers in the finder becoming clogged and stopping. Problem was solved by using the terminal to do this.

    Do you know if there is a terminal command for indexing???

    I personally never index as it seems to take fooorrreeeevvvvaaaaa....
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    it doesn't choke, i just want to index my friggin HD and not in peices!
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    well, i can do indexes in smaller amounts, but still not my whole HD-little help please!
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