MacOS 10.2 and iMac DV 400

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Has anyone installed Jaguar on a iMac DV?

Is it fast, "it works" or slow?

I'd also like to run some games on it (Unreal, Quake 3).

Or am I better of buying a new one?




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    scottscott Posts: 7,431member
    I have 10.3 on my old iMac 266. It's "okay". Not good. The graphics card is not supported so no 3D games will run. I wouldn't bother with 10.2 at all, 10.3 is much better on the older hardware.
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    If you are used to running Mac OS 9 on that iMac, Mac OS X 10.2 may feel slower or "sticky" by comparison. Mac OS X 10.3 offers more speed over 10.2, but it might still feel slower than Mac OS 9. I just installed 10.3 on a slot-loading iMac at work (was running 10.2) and it already feels noticeably faster, but it's no speed demon.

    In the long run, even though the UI may feel slower at times, Mac OS X lets you get more done than Mac OS 9 in several aspects:
    • You can run multiple apps better thanks to preemptive multitasking.

    • Apps can crash or be force-quit without bringing down the system or other apps

    • Memory is managed much better automatically -- no more "Get Info" memory settings, no more memory ceiling, no more memory fragmentation.

    • It's more future-proof. Few apps are still being developed for Mac OS 9 whereas thousands of new apps are Mac OS X-only. Even the big guys like Microsoft and Adobe have been releasing software that will only run on Mac OS X.

    Of course, this doesn't even touch on all the new features and apps that Mac OS X will bring to you.

    Quake 3 runs great in Mac OS X; there's been a native version for years. I've never played Unreal, but I'm fairly sure there's a native version of that too.
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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    up the ram... most important thing...

    i have 512 on my DV Indigo running 10.3.2 (400mhz) and it hiccups every now and again, but since I don't use it as my main machine i don't mind...
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    Thanks guys, I've been thinking about upgrading to 10.3 for a while. (heading for the shop now...)

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