"Buzz" from PowerBook HD

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On my 12" DVI PowerBook G4, whenever the computer goes idle, or the hard drive isn't accessed, I can hear a very faint "buzz" or low-pitched whine from the hard drive. I have to listen very carefully, but it is somewhat annoying in a quiet room. Is this normal?


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    johnqjohnq Posts: 2,763member
    Is it the fan you are hearing?

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    Nope, it isn't the fan.
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    Check your SMART status. Go into Terminal (Applications/Utilities/Terminal and type:


    diskutil info disk0

    Look for the line that says "SMART Status:"

    If after that it says anything but "Verified" you are in trouble. Immediately back up your HD and don't use your computer until you have taken it to an Apple Store or an Apple Certified tech. If it says "Verified" than you have nothing to worry about and it sucks that your PB makes noise.
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