Disabling Drive Atr Start-up

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Does anyone know how to have a drive get disabled or un-mounted at start-up? The thing is that I have 2 macs a G5 and a G4. I have an external raid with a dual channel scsi host on it. But if I write to the raid from both machines at the same time I will get corrupted data. Currently the G4 is there only as a back-up incase the G5 encounters a problem. I want the G5 to boot up and see the scsi drive like it does now, but I want the G4 to boot up and not see the scsi raid (only if I truly need to get to it from the G4) Does anyone know if there is a scsipt or something I would have to run to get the drive to unmount at start-up or something like that

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