12" G4 iBook or 12" PB?????

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Hey all,

Its obvious apple wants to get a G5 in the pb line. Bumping the ibooks to a G4 was the first step.

But I need one(laptop) now. The 12" ibook is now very close to the 12" pb, equal to it in some regards...and yes even better in others(longer battery life, Airport range, and of course PRICE).

The 12" pb is in need of an update. But will it get another one as a G4? Or will it not get one until the pb line goes G5...that is the question. I like the 12" pb better looks wise(keyboard etc)....but in other regards its still too close to the ibook...and shelling out the extra $500-$700 more right now....with the G5 coming by the end of the year might be kinda stupid.

So I am debating. I do alot of web design...and flash animation, and travel ALOT(so the 12" size is perfect).

I'm thinking if I buy now, the ibook is a better value...that way if I update to a g5 pb in 2 years....it won't hurt so much.

I was bummed that the ibook maxes out at 640mb of ram....until I found out that "trans-international" makes 3rd part 1 gig ram for the ibook. Cool.

The only thing that bothers me about the ibook is the inability to hook up to one of apples cinema displays. In this area the pb wins. The pb also has a built in super drive option.

I guess I am waiting to see if the pb gets one more slight update before going G5. That might nudge me into buying one instead of the ibook.

I just can't wait until the fall for a g5 pb. And even then, it will be first generation, and there is no guarantee that it will even make it into the 12" model at first. So no...I can't wait.

Anyone else in this situation? Advice? Comments?



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    Well I can't help you much more than telling you that I just love my 12" PB. I upped the RAM to 768 and added an airport card. After those upgrades I can't ask for much more.

    The performance is great and I haven't had one problem running any of my 3D Animation, Web Design, or Audio/Video apps.

    Good luck, and let us know what you decide.
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    I have had both the ibook G4 12" & the powerbook G4 12".

    The powerbook is much faster (1GHZ vs 800MHZ).

    The powerbook has bigger cache on the processor also.

    The powerbook is of a better build quality.

    They are both about the same heat level (neither gets very hot).

    Both batteries last about the same.

    If you can afford it, the powerbook is DEFINATELY the way to go.

    I have had them both & the powerbook is just a MUCH better machine.

    Good luck!
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    Purchasing advice belongs in General Discussion.

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    What are you using it for? I mean if you can get by with the lower power of the ibook, you can save that extra cash for the g5 powerbook that will be out worst case next year, and you will save 4500...at least 20% of the way to a new powerbook.

    If you are websurfing, don't need a superdrive, word processing and basic iphoto and imovie...save the money!

    But the 12" looks cooler, has audio in and is faster.And the keyboard is quieter.
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