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I want to do some scrolling text.

Now I have been all over the internet and tried a few of the tutorials. the one at Flash kit is great but very long and I'm under the gun (I will read it again and figure it out).

What I would like to do is continually increment the .scroll while the mouse is over the button. this is what I have;

on(rollOver) {

scrolling.scroll += 1;


but that only makes it move down one line. how do I just keep it scrolling?



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    A lot of flash sites will have many hidden "controller" movies that dont have any graphics, just code.

    Try this in your code, you might have to look up some of the function names. I am going from memory, and its a long time since I did flash.



    scrolling.scroll_active = true;



    scrolling.scroll_active = false;




    scrolling.scroll += 1;



    If this code does not work, I hope it gives you the right idea.
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