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My iPod died less than a month out of (ridiculous) 90-day warranty. Hard drive and battery are fine. FW port is dead, so I can't transfer songs and charging is a pain (takes forever and the thing gets really hot). There's some sort of short-circuit in the FW port, likely a messed up, irrepairable component. I'll take the thing to some engineers in Ap Liu Street to take a look, test the components, if they can, and see if anyone knows how to get a replacement component and resolder it onto the motherboard.

Otherwise, what the heck can I do with a perfectly good 1.8" 5GB hard drive and LiPolymer battery? Anyone have an out of warranty iPod where the drive is ****ed but the board is okay?

Do you think I can sell the drive and battery on Ebay?


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    stimulistimuli Posts: 564member
    Dude, you can sell used kleenex on eBay, and make a tidy profit. You might sell it whole, as a working iPod w/ fuXxored FW port.
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    addisonaddison Posts: 1,185member
    Have you tried the Apple? I would be supprised if they didn't fix it foc if you havn't abused the iPod.
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    That sucks. I'd check with Apple to see what they can do.

    The 90 day warranty was why I bought mine from CompUSA. For $30+ you get a 2 year warranty.
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    prestonpreston Posts: 219member

    i had no idea the warranty was so short!

    that really makes me think twice about a CAN$600 device!

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    bernardbernard Posts: 59member
    how about buying another ipod? get one, a month later warranty your broken one and when you get it back sell it on ebay.
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    clonenodeclonenode Posts: 392member
    bernie, the only problem with that is when you register you iPod with Apple (to put the warrranty into effect) you must give them the serial number. That # is engraved on the back of the unit AND burned into the ROM (it appears in the About window).

    so it might be tough pulling the kind of a switch you suggest.

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    WTF is up with Apple and their ridiculous warranties? Even their computer systems have horrible (standard) warranties. It's not like Apple products are made so much better than others where you wouldn't need a warranty.

    As far as the iPod goes, you shouldn't have to pay more money (on an already over-priced product) to extend the warranty passed the measly 90 days. It's fine to charge more to extend it, but when it's past 1 year (which should be standard) - not 90 days.

    I will never forget when a friend of mine had to lug his $5,000 PowerMac into CompUSA so it can be serviced (for 3 days!). And he was only able to do so because he paid the premium up front for the 'extended warranty'. That's just insane. For the price, it should be onsite, or next day door-to-door service via mail - to and from at their expense for notebooks.

    To me, a manufacture's short or weak warranty speaks volumes. Perhaps if Apple had more faith in their own products, more leery consumers would have more faith as well. Not to say Apple's products are shit - not by any means. But I don't care who you are or what kind of electronic component it is - some things will break, support them!

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