Recording in GarageBand

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
Now, getting one of the M-Audio keyboards that Apple offers seems like the obviously cheap/elegant solution as I have never used any type of MIDI device before.

What I'm wondering is: what is the best way to get instruments/mics into GarageBand. On one hand, there are preamps with 1/4 outs, that, with an adapter can be plugged into my 15 tibook. On the other hand is these newfangled instrument preamps with USB outs.

Now, something tells me that Apple, being the cutting edge designers that they are, are going to favor the musicians using the preamps with USB (or even firewire) outs, and recording audio in GarageBand with these preamps is going to be easier. I haven't used GarageBand yet so this may be a completely unfounded concern. Any thoughts? - thanks, Josh


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