Help with Altivec

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I have a matrix for rotations. I want to multiply this matrix to say 2-100 other matricies. for now I am just trying to do it with one. In the header for a multiplication it says that the matrix is an array of 4 float vectors.

So I have: vector float rotationMatrix [4];

To get the values into each vector I dont know what to do. From what I saw, it should look like this:

rotationMatrix [0] = (vector float) (cos(theta), sin(theta), 0.0, 0.0);

but I get an error saying that is is not a constant. How do I assign the variables into a vector correctly?

The second part is weird to. I want to put 3 floats from a vector into a struct.

my code is:

newVector.x = answer [0] ;

newVector.x = answer [1] ;

newVector.x = answer [2] ;

where answer is the 4th vector from the answer of the multiplication matrix.

So, um what am I doing wrong because I have no clue, and the documentation isnt to helpful. Google is not too clear either.


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