Eagle Scout killer -from Dostoyvsky to Wisconsin

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This is right out of a teen flick based on Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment:

an EagleScout who had everything, I mean everything, going for him killed in order to see if he could get away with it . . .


Anybody think of other like stories?

Just goes to show you, you can do great deeds and still not get it . . .


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    I think we have a match.

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    pfflampfflam Posts: 5,053member
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    Originally posted by pfflam

    Think about it.
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    Most people who would be floating around these boards won't be able to detach that image from the one christianity gives them. I realize that you are somewhat inviting flames, but at the same time a little less obtuse a post could be given. Also, there is equal indication that the Apostles made Jesus into something he obviously wasn't and it wasn't only him.

    In any event, let the flames begin... or thread die...

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    pfflam being a student of the arts and all, and being intimately familiar with Dostoevsky's literature, I thought would pick up on the parallels in the stories. Hubris, tempting fate, etc. The psychology involved here is very similar.
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