AAARGH! I may have to get rid of the Mac!

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Well my trouble at work with not being able to use certain programs is killing me! I cannot use 3 programs and because of this my boss is urging me to sell my 15inch Albook and start using a Dell! The programs that I cannot use are Microsoft Access, NetMeeting, and Lotus Notes. Anyone have any suggestions?


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    Didn't you already make a thread about this recently?

    You did.

    Solutions proposed there:

    Use Virtual PC

    Use Lotus Notes for Mac OS X


    It that PowerBook is your own, you should definitely not let your boss talk you into selling it. That's just crazy. If he wants you to use those programs so badly, he should give you an el cheapo beige box PC to use at the office.

    We're talking a several thousand dollar machine that you enjoy using versus a several hundred dollar box that probably won't enjoy using.
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    Oops sorry Brad. My mistake. The biggest issue is NetMeeting. The PB is my own and I don't want to sell it but if I can't use it for work it will sit on my desk next to the 1.6 G5 I rarely use!
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    Well, it's YOUR machine and your boss can't tell you what to do with your own money. If a computer is required for your job, then he should provide one. If you're afraid of one not being used, just sell the one you use less, but keep a Mac around if you like Macs.
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