Chopper crash caught on tape

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What's unique about this crash is that the camera was onboard the chopper and the terrified calls of the pilot are audible. The video is from CBS.

Realplayer: rtsp://


Can anyone tell what the pilot is screaming at the end?


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    sounds like he was yelling
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    sounds like "C'mon Auto" as in 'begin autorotation - use blades spin to slow descent'

    and finally "Flare, Flare" as in 'stall to spill speed prior to landing'

    not sure... i'll send it to a rotary wing pilot friend and see if he hears anything different
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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    Hello? Context? Hello? Sheesh.

    Existence = MacsRGood4U?


    Chopper Crash

    Police in San Antonio, Texas, decided to bring in some aerial backup after a driver refused to pull over for an officer.

    But not long after takeoff, the Eagle helicopter had a major mechanical failure and started falling toward the ground. An on-board camera recorded the dramatic footage of the chopper?s crash.

    Both the pilot and co-pilot suffered only minor injuries. The helicopter was destroyed.

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    Looks like pilot fought hard to find a "safe" place to crash the copter... hmm
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    The last words were "WIRE, WIRES"

    Refering to the power lines along the road. They could mess up an otherwise nice landing

    "Auto" certainly refered to autorotation... the explanation above was close enough.
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