2.42 gig file on my 100 meg iDisk!

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
A while a go I uploaded a PDF file to my sites window so I could send it to a person who could not receive attachements to their email. It was only 42K in size.

Shortly after (later that day, after I had restarted) I received an error from idisk saying that it could not sink that file & it was 2.42 gigs in size.

Now my idisk is constantly sinc-ing. I do have a few files in there & it says there are 73 megs available.

I'm stumped.

I have trashed everything in my idisk turned off the local copy of idisk in "system Pref/.Mac/idisk". then turned it on again.

Is there any way to completely trash an iDisk and start over?

BTW I am using system 10.3.2
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