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I?ve got two G4 Macs (one at work and one at home) both running OS10.3 I use Mail and Address Book on both of them. They both suffer from the same problem. When I open Address Book, the pane on the right - where you can edit someones details - shows a lot of small random numerals and short rules (almost like a jumble of fractions) to the left hand side of each set of up and down selection arrows (where you can normally select home/work/etc). Also the persons name (at the top) also appears in the same manner.

Similarly in Mail, in the top left panel to the left of the send/received details these damned jumbled small numerals are appearing again. All other information is displayed correctly.

I?m not a super techie ? so if anyone can give me advice please be very basic with your instructions as I?m fairly new to OSX

Thanks ? Dave (in London)


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    Well, it's been weeks and no one has come up with an answer for me. Just as well I've now found out for myself!

    It's a font conflict. In this case Helvetica Neue Fractions was the culprit. As I don't have a lot of use for fractions I've chucked the font. But a friend of mine had a similar problem with a different font, so beware, it's a process of elimation.

    I also think that my problem was caused to a certain extent by me having the majority of my fonts in one folder (an assorted collection built up over the years), plus the fonts one finds in OSX in the fonts folder in Library and then the fonts in the system folder, there is more than a strong possibility of font clashes. As both my Macs are configured in a similar way I guess that is why I had identical problems on both.

    I hope this is of some use to anyone else that experiences this frustration.

    Keep on Mac-ing!
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