Copy + Paste Clipping contents ?

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I recently highlighted some text in Safari and drag it onto the desktop (resulting in a clipping text file) .....

is there anyway to copy this clipping onto the clipboard so I can paste it into other programs?

I'm able to read the clipping but I can't do anything with it ..... ? maybe I'm overlooking something?


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    Yeah, a copy option would be nice. Once you find a text field in your program of choice, though, simply drag-and-drop the clipping into itto insert the clipping's contents.
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    You can copy, (cmd+c) or Edit>Copy. You just can't select part of the text clipping and then copy.

    Am I right over Brad!?
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    Maybe. I practically never use clippings and I'm not at my Mac right now; so, I have no way to check. I do know, though, for a fact that you can drag-and-drop the clippings. Also, I am quite certain that prior to 10.3 you couldn't copy them.
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    torifiletorifile Posts: 4,024member
    According to this hint at you can copy and paste text clippings in Panther.
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    As fas as I can recall, it WAS possible to CopyPaste TextClippings but not in the way you expect.

    Instead of opening (double-clicking) the clipping and ending up with a random window which had no user-interaction facility you could select (single-click) the textClipping in the Finder and select Edit->Copy or do Cmd-C and then place the cursor in your text document and paste.

    In fact I just tried it on my 10.2.8 system and it worked as described. I'm certain it was the same in OS9 because I would always use this technique when there was trouble in the early days of 10.0 in copy-pasting between X and Classic apps.

    Maybe I should have submitted it as a hint years ago, but I thought everyone knew that. ;-)

    (leenoble_uk at MacOSXHints from torifile's link)

    I think you could cut and paste like this in Jag. Stupidly, you still have to go a long way round.
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    badtzbadtz Posts: 949member

    Originally posted by SonOfSylvanus

    You can copy, (cmd+c) or Edit>Copy. You just can't select part of the text clipping and then copy.

    Am I right over Brad!?

    actually, I just tried that. It worked. It's not really obvious because the application for the clippings are still 'the finder' .... oh well.

    and also, it copies the whole thing. you can't select anything.

    well, @ least there's that
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    jwilljwill Posts: 209member
    In OS 9 you could only copy the whole thing as well...but (this is the second post today with the word "but" for me..) it should be able to have a little selection thingy (lol) where you can select anything you want. it should also have the choice to show any styled text in it, but (third time) this isn't a big thing for me to yell at.
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    ipeonipeon Posts: 1,122member
    But... you can always select then drag and drop thereby not needing to copy a clipping. But... choices are good I guess.
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