Where can i find a Nvidia card? GeForce 2?

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any suggestions? i dont need the new Geforece 4 or 3. any help appreciated.

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    eBay, or people with recently upgraded macs or pcs.

    but eBay is probably your best bet....I'm assuming you've looked at normal online computer stores to no avail...but if not then look there
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    Thanks.... I found someone selling Mac nvidia cards. I had a friend buy a card that was OS compatable off EBAY and it didnt work. He had someone "flash" it and it still didnt work. We put it in a pc and it was fine.


    flashing a pc card does not always work!

    After I get my new card I will let you all know how it is, Thanks again

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    Just an FYI... it's Mac, not MAC.
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    problem fixed
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