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I'm trying to recreate this symbol er whatever it is in Illustrator...

...well this is the real image I'm using

The problem is that as you can see it has a poor stencil look, so making the perfect outlines in Illustrator doesn't make it look as good. Now I don't need it perfect, but without using PS...which I don't even really know how i'd do it besides adding noise, and playing around with other effects and then deleted that form the original picture, is there any way to get a similar type look from Illustrator?


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    Edit: Question to it a problem for me to ask questions like this? I don't want to say I do it often, but I'm I wouldn't say I'm infrequent in asking help.
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    I don't think there is a default way to do it. You may have to select more precisely in order to get that kind of look and do different sections of different colors or employ a gradient of some sort. What I'm trying to say is, it can be done, but with a lot of manual labor and a lot of time. However, you may be able to find a font that looks similar and use that.
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    If you are trying to create a vector file from that image I would use Adobe streamline. It automatically outlines bitmapped files.

    If you are ttrying to create an image that looks distressed like that then I would build the graphic, print it out on a laser printer, crinkle up the paper, use a small sponge with some white guash, dab it around a bit and then scan it back in.
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    this won't get you exactly the same effect, but it will get you in the ballpark. use the distort/roughen... filter at different levels on different pieces. even if it only gives you extra points, it'll get you started and you can start pulling the points around to achieve the desired effect. "smooth" will give you bezier control handles on the added points, whereas "corner" won't.

    edit: also, don't forget that the knife tool can emulate those "crease lines" that cut through some areas of the artwork without too much trouble, though it REALLY helps to have an art tablet for that sort of thing.

    the key is to vary the amount of the effect, either in detail or degree, on the pieces that make up the image to avoid it looking like you jest ran the filter over everything at once. for an interesting effect on lines, apple the roughen filter/corner, low density to get a bunch of points. then expand the object, which will turn it into a series of grouped objects. then run the roughen filter over the object AGAIN, this time with the smooth setting. very nice effect and doesn't end up looking as boilerplate as the "strokes" can look.
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    Hey, I like this kind of challenges!

    Ok, I streamed it with CorelTrace10 and resaved it in AICS. I know it's Corel, but who cares? It works in OSX/Panther and does the same good job as AdobeStreamline.

    Here's the link.

    So, now you can simplify it by yourself... have fun!

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    Why have I never heard of these programs?!

    I am downloading and trying streamline right now, I guess this is another program I may have to buy\

    Ok Corel Trace 12 not out for mac\

    Streamline hasn't been updated for a while it seems and looks like it was created for my IIGS.
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