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Absolutely everywhere I look regarding threads/discussions about why the Mac isn't as popular as it could (should?) be, the same sentiments are always echoed.

Here's a link.

I expect that this is exactly what most of us would write in this sort of thread.

Why don't Apple do something about it? Is simple common sense out of Apple's league, or have Jobs and the other executives got their heads buried so deep in the sand? m.


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    amorphamorph Posts: 7,112member
    The site's inaccessible.

    Maybe that's why Windows 2000/IIS isn't more popular.
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    johnqjohnq Posts: 2,763member
    Apple is the only PC manufacturer that makes the OS, the hardware, the peripherals and user software.

    If all the other companies each also made their own custom OS, their own hardware, their own peripherals and their own user software, I'd be more concerned with comparing Apple to them.

    But since Macs are not generic PCs, I do not hold them to needing to compete with the Wintel crowd.

    Apple need not have any specific marketshare percentage in my book (and likely, reality), they need only to be profitable and innovative.

    "Popular" is a worthless measurement. "Profitable" and "innovative" and "high quality" are all I care to measure.

    Apple's doing fine by that measurement.
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    Well remember your Mac history, IBM saw the potential in the personal computer market, used it's extensive established business connections, threw big bucks into it and flooded the market and opened their machines to everybody to clone. They had the corporate experience, Apple didn't.

    Gate's copied the Apple GUI and that's basically spelled the end of Apple domination. So what Apple can do about it now is irrelevant.

    Apple concentrates on it's profitable niche, has big bucks in the bank, and isn't going away anytime in the near future. Be rest assured.

    As Steve Jobs said:

    "BMW doesn't have the market share of the Ford Taurus, and if you asked BMW why they don't have as much market share as Ford, they will tell you they don't want to make that sort of automobile"

    Apple represents quality: Number #1 in customer service (per Consumer Reports), Number #1 in OS security (as per mi2g, security firm), Number #1 Innovation and everything else.

    Not everyone can afford to drive the very best computer either.

    We pay a bit more, but boy is it worth it.

    Market share be dammed, we won't anywhere. Software can always be adapted and Gates needs us because that way he's not a monopoly.

    We are sitting pretty.
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    jubelumjubelum Posts: 4,490member
    Not to be trite,but

    "We are only 5% of the ship. But that 5% is the rudder."

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    gongon Posts: 2,437member
    Economies of scale are important, but I think they're only really important up to the point where you can afford to enter the market. As long as Apple is big enough to develop OS X and hardware with reasonable cost, it will stick around.

    It would be nice if Apple could double or triple its marketshare. That would translate to a surge of 3rd party software, including games. It would also enable lower prices for Apple hardware.

    After that, I think there would be relatively little benefit to customer from further growth.
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    Wow, I feel like such an elitest! I drive a Mac and a BMW!
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    and opened their machines to everybody to clone

    IIRC, IBM didnt open up their machines, somone reverse engineered their bios and used a legal loophole so that ibm couldnt stop them
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    cowerdcowerd Posts: 579member
    compaq, i believe.
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    I am glad it is this way. I wouldn't want the market to be flooded with ugly Mac clones... eeew
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    Originally posted by ThunderPoit

    IIRC, IBM didnt open up their machines, somone reverse engineered their bios and used a legal loophole so that ibm couldnt stop them

    Thanks for the clarification.

    You guy's seen My Precious already.
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    Most people dont know what could be and are satisfied with what is. The Mac represents those out there that are truly informed, care about innovation, and have a passion for doing great things. Even though it costs more for us to obtain, the innovations it posesses, permeate throughout the industry. It is great to know that Apple is the little old R&D shop for the rest of the industry, the world's a better place because of it.

    Apple will convince those of us left out there that do want to own the best possible machine, they just dont know that machine is made by Apple. Once more people find out, market share will follow.
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    Originally posted by Jubelum

    Not to be trite,but


    Hold on... did you just say; Not to be fat?

    No wait, that's tripe, sorry.

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