My iBook speaks softly.

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A hopefully simple question for the geniuses here. I just got an iBook G4 (yay!) that has been performing admirably in the few days I've had it. The only complaint I have right now is the softness of a pair of unremarkable speakers I want to use for it. They admittedly were bundled with an HP desktop in 2001, made by polk audio and sold with their Pavilions at the time. They are loud for their size when connected to the desktop, but the iBook doesn't exactly rock the goddamn hizzouse.

Is this because of the speakers, or the power settings for the iBook? Help me go deaf once again!


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    I think I had these speakers too when I had my HP Pavilion. These speakers you speak of most likely has only a stereo minijack plug, and the audio out ports on those HP computers carried more power than regular computers do. So that's why they get really loud when you have it plugged into the HP b/c it is carrying both audio and power, also reducing cable clutter. The audio out port on your iBook carries less power, and thusly isn't as able to provide the necessary amplification for the Polk Audio speakers.

    I would say either get new speakers or get an external amp...
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    does it carry a big stick?
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    Err... not exactly, but it does carry some of... umm, my music collection! Thank you, iTunes!

    Thanks for the reply, although that reason was what I feared. Better than the stock speakers, at least.
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    Originally posted by ipodandimac

    does it carry a big stick?

    That was EXACTLY what I was going to ask. Great minds....
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