arts/crafts terminology question - metal cover corners

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the subject line says it all. i am trying to create a new cover for my portfolio, and as such, i want to add those little pieces of L-shaped metal to the corners of the covers to add some finish and keep them from getting dog-eared after repeated use.

a. does anyone know what the actual NAME of these things are?


b. where would i pick some up, say, this weekend?

thanks in advance.

p.s. here's an example of what i am talking about, though the page i got them from didn't have any good terminology for them.

you basically slip them over the corner of whatever cover you're making, and then with pliers, crimp them down into place.


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    i gave it my googling all and found that the pewter version of them are called (get this) pewter corners. In general they are actually called metal corners. And i think any arts and crafts store would sell them...

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