iPod problem

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I've had the damned thing for a week and half and it is already being bitchy. The lock sticks.

If I have it on lock I have to toggle it back and forth a few times before it unlocks. What is the deal?

Also, what does one use to clean the thing? I was at home and passing the precious around the family members and someone apparently had grubby-fingers on the wheel. BASTARDS WASH YOUR HANDS BEFORE YOU TOUCH THE PRECIOUS!


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    my hold button has always done that too partially...i have to pay attention when i slide the hold button to the off position...if i just do it casually, it usually doesn't move all the way to the off position and stays locked...if i pay attention and push "correctly" it slides all the way...

    as for cleaning, i have no idea, i have never let anybody other than myself touch my beautiful iPod...

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    groveratgroverat Posts: 10,872member
    Is there a small rattling noise towards the top when you shake it near your ear? I think something may be loose.
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    that happened to me, except the lock completely didn't work. bring it to apple... and they'll give you a BRAND NEW ONE! yaaaay! so I guess you don't have to clean it...
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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    About the lock - I used one in one of the stores where the lock wouldn't stay on, period. Obviously people had been messing with it and abusing it so much that the lock just didn't work anymore. If it's a problem, you can get a replacement.

    About cleaning - I clean mine using a microfiber cloth. It doesn't scratch it at all.

    About the rattling - that's normal, it's a hard drive and there are loosely attached components in it. Just don't shake it too much, it's fine.
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    Originally posted by SonOfSylvanus

    (Expensive) iPod maintenance

    In addition to the suggestion above, any watch or jewelry store should sell stuff to clean the scratches off of watch faces. Works equally well on iPods.

    About the hold switch: on my iPod, the switch has to be *forced* all the way to the off position. I took it to an Apple Store and the Genius told me he would replace it but there were no iPods in stock. When I returned later in the week, the second Genius told me it wasn't serious enough to replace.
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    i use that iKlear stuff they always try to sell at the apple store and at apple conventions. but seriously, it works! the packaging says all this stuff about how it's specially formulated blah blah blah. basically: you use it sorta like a polish, and it HONESTLY protects the ipod from getting all fingerprinty and stuff (for awhile at least). i use that stuff on my ibook too and i swear some of the scratches seemed to disappear. i got this box of it where you get a spritz bottle and a bunch of lint free cleaning cloths... and then some packets of the disposable, pre moistened towelette thingies.
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    mattjohndrowmattjohndrow Posts: 1,618member
    i use iKlear too, and i like it-it works well!
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