webspace needed - a challenge for the truly web-saavy

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I'm looking for a few megs of webspace to call my own. I do have several factors that make this harder than it should be though, so here's my list of requirements.

1. Allows direct linking (I wanna post my 2004 setup damnit!)

2. Upload and Download must be HTTP based (I'm behind a university firewall so everything else is out the window)

Wow, I guess it wasn't so long after all. Still, that particular combination has eluded me thusfar. Anyone out there know of a host that fits the bill?




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    That's what I use. HTTP based uploads. Free. I have yet to reach my bandwidth limit. Direct linking and they even give you the URL inside (img)(/img)... for easy cut and paste.
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    Accounts come with 10 MB of webspace. Hotlinking is allowed.
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    guarthoguartho Posts: 1,208member

    Behold the hamster. Awesome. Thanks guys, this has been a pain in the neck search. Should've asked to begin with!
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