Wireless Network: How can I be certain my new wireless network is a closed system?

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I just purchased a Netgear Wireless Router 614 for $74.00 (w/ Mail-in-rebate of $30.00 for a $44.00 net). I have a beloved Cube 450 connected to DSL and a Powerbook G3 Pismo 500 w/ Airport card. I connected the Netgear wireless router to the Cube via ethernet.

Q # 1: I used to connect to internet via Panther's "Internet Connect" interface. Now that the Cube is hooked up to the Netgear router, I can simply launch Safari without the "Interenet Connect" intereface. Before, even if the computer was on, there was no real connection to the interenet unless I connected via "Internet Connect." Now it seem that my computer is always connected to the internet, which causes me be be uneasy of any hacking attacks. what can I do to prevent unauthorized access to my computer aside from my Norton Personal Firewall active.

As for my laptop, I set the Netgear perameters to "Do not display SSID" and enabled WEP encryption of 128 hex code. I set it up so that my laptop's default airport network settings are speficied to my given SSID name with matching 128 bit hex encryption. The laptop is also running Norton Personal Firewall.

Q # 2: Is my setting done properly so that it is a closed wireless network? I live in Manhattan, so there are a lot of people getting access so I want to be certain that my computer is not vulnerable to any security attacks.

Your knowledgeable input is appreciated!


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    If you enable WEP, stop broadcasting the SSID, lock the router to only your Cube and PowerBooks MAC address and change the default password on your router, you shouldn't worry about others accessing your computers or network.

    WEP isn't totally secure, but it's a good start. I'm not sure if that Netgear router supports WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access), but that's much more secure then WEP.

    If it doesn't support WPA, maybe it will in the future via a firmware upgrade. Look for one.

    Check this out: 10 Steps To Wireless Security (PDF, 260K)

    Good luck!
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    kwondokwondo Posts: 217member
    Hi Cake,

    Thanks for your input. I have read some more security measures for wireless networking. I want to set up VPN using INTERNET CONNECT of Panther but when I launch help, there's no description of HOW to properly set it up. It just says pick one or the other type of VPN but not much on how to set it up. Any suggestions?
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    cakecake Posts: 1,010member
    Sorry, but I've never tried to set up a VPN.

    Just poking around Apple Discussions and other places, it looks like others have found it problematic as well.

    Hopefully, someone with VPN experience will see this bump and be able to help you out.
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