iMac sound fluctuates in and out?

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My iMac 700 combo drive is suddenly having audio problems. When playing a song in iTunes, it fluctuates between regular and very low volume.

Anyone else have this?

This has only happened recently, so I don't know if it's something that I did or installed that could have caused it.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    satchmosatchmo Posts: 2,699member
    Hmm...turns out this is only happening under 9.2 (not in OSX 10.12)

    I'd still like to know what the heck is causing it though.

    Plus how the heck do you make adjustments to the iSub levels in OSX? There isn't any iSub icon in the Sound control panel.
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    g4dudeg4dude Posts: 1,016member
    Happens to my Superdrive iMac too. Just use OS X as much as possible since the problem doesn't happen there. This has been pissing me off for several weeks. You're not alone.
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    I'm facing the same problem, but only with lower sound volumes. With higher sound volumes the problem won't appear.

    very strange indeed.

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    satchmosatchmo Posts: 2,699member
    Given that this occurs only in 9.xx, can I assume there is nothing wrong with the speakers themselves?

    It would be a great question to pose to an Apple Genius. Anyone near a store?
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    patchoulipatchouli Posts: 402member
    Hey satchmo, I am noticing that same thing (sometimes) on my iMac (mine is the CRT 700MHz SE one though, not the new one). However, this is in OS X (I never use OS 9). It seems to be happening with the lower volume and it's pretty slight.

    Also, to adjust the iSub levels - all you have to do is use the main volume control for the iSub power level, and use the iTunes volume control for the overall speaker level. The higher you raise the main volume, the more power comes from the iSub. I have my main volume set right in the middle for solid punch and bass and the iTunes volume set higher (for the highs). Sometimes I like the music to be low but still have nice bass, so I raise the main volume, and lower the iTunes volume.
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    logan calelogan cale Posts: 1,281member
    It's a problem with every Mac I've used with Pro Speakers in 9 and X. It's only at a low volume.
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