Unix ps command for Mac OS apps

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When i run the ps command through unix it only shows up all current proceses in the unix shell. How can i get this to encompass all of mac os processes?

is this even posible?


BTW: Mac Rules!!!


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    ps -ax

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    The ps man page says something about it only displaying processes attached to a terminal. Typing "top" will give you info about OSX processes though.
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    Originally posted by Brad

    ps -ax


    Cool! I didn't know about that
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    scottscott Posts: 7,431member
    >man ps
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    If you really want to see just OS X apps, assuming you keep them where you're supposed to, you can just pipe a grep into ps:


    ps -ax | grep Applications

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    Ok just to point out...

    You don't need the "-" with the ps commands you have listed with bash.

    ps ax

    (and for memory usage)

    ps aux

    However if you want the same output as ps ax only just the process names (not the directorys) you need the "-" and the command is "ps -A"

    This is just because of ps's different style of options...

    "ps - [letters]" are Unix98 style options.

    "ps [letters]" are BSD-style options. Which I guess is OSX style too.

    "ps --[words]" are GNU style options.

    All get the job done... so it is up to you..
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