FS: B/W G3 350, extras.

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I'm trying to sell my Blue and White G3 350.

350 MHz G3

512 MB RAM

20 GB and 6 GB Hard disks.

17 inch CRT monitor

Original 32x CD-ROM

Rage 128 Gfx card.

WILL INSTALL burner if requested, however, my burner is not natively compatible with Panther, and OS 9 will not boot with the burner installed.

Canon printer and scanner (separate units.)

Will install any OS from 9.0-10.3

Sorry, no original system disks, but I have the Jaguar, Panther, and Os 9 disks.


Norton Utilities v. 6 (Classic Only)

Norton Utilities Version 8 (Burned cd issued by my school)

Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete (Classic only)

Star Wars Sampler Pack (Classic only)

Asking $450, will negotiate.

Contact info:

Email: wkamm at cinci.rr.com

IM: StealthRider121

Please do not PM me.
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