Brad: HELP! When I restart or log out, my computer launches dawrin!

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Brad or anyone else knowledgeble with darwin,

Why is my computer restarting to darwin when I have always started with Panther's login password window. How can I change it back to this state if I'm in darwin window that asks for user name and password (though I know it) I have no idea what to do after it accepts my login. I admit I have been deleting the cache forlder trying to get rid of my other problem (look up the thread "How do I delete...")

Thanks for the help


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    It sounds like it might be stuck thinking it needs to go into single-user mode or the like.

    Restart holding the apple-option-p-r keys until the computer has chimed three times. Release the keys, letting it boot normally. Report back with any results.
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    kwondokwondo Posts: 217member

    thanks for your response. I did what you said and it appears to be okay. I Don't know if it was resetting the PRAM and but also suspect couple of other things that may have led to it: deleting the cache in the main library as well as user library, then restarting without proper shutdown, or I also changed my harddrive permission to a limited access and hit apply to all content of the harddrive. The way that I was able to get out of darwin was to restart with Panther CD and run disk utility with repair permissions and then restart computer.

    Anyways, I wanted to reset the PRAM as well for occasional maintenance and couldn'r remember the key combo, so thanks for that.
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