How do I install a new soundcard?

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I am going to install my Delta 66 into my new G5 as soon as it arrives. I know how to do this in windows. Is it the same procedure in a mac?

Do I install the drivers before the hardware? Do I install the hardware then install the drivers?

I want to make sure I do this right.

And as long as I have the case open I am going to install another 512meg of ram

Thanks for the info



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    I think you may be out of luck.

    Very few sound card manufacturers make drivers to run their hardware on Macs. I would check the manufacturer's web site and see if they even mention Mac support at all, first.

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    Originally posted by Brad

    I think you may be out of luck.

    The M-Audio Delta 66 has OSX Drivers.

    Install the drivers, turn off, install the sound card, restart.

    There are OSX 10.3 drivers on the M-audio website, which you'll obviously want to grab.
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