Powerbook 15" Refurb Unpacking Pictures

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Here is a link to my pictures (on my .MAC homepage) of my new 15" G4 1.25GHZ Superdrive Powerbook. It is a refurb unit, and I took pictures of the unpackaging process.


However, I have some BAD news. There are 2 problems with the unit. The right shift key doesn't work all the time. It works only occasionally. Also, the bottom part of the aluminum case is slighly misaligned. This is directly by the Superdrive slot. It looks like the case isn't "snapped" together properly. I called Applecare and they are sending out a box - I will send it back to get these 2 issues repaired.

I will keep everyone posted how long the repairs take. Overall, I am impressed with the refurb, excellent packaging and etc. I just got a bum unit, but this can happen when buying a refurb. If you want perfection, spend the extra $500.00 for a brand new unit. Or buy a refurb and get the issues repaired.


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    messiahtoshmessiahtosh Posts: 1,754member
    Best of luck with that, and let us know how it all goes! It looks like a great machine besides those two issues, but I'm sure they'll be taken care of. Congrats on the PB, even if it is a refurb, I'm jealous.
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    I will keep you posted. Thanks for the compliments, I am pleased with it despite the issues.
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    escherescher Posts: 1,811member

    Originally posted by rsgunther

    I will keep you posted. Thanks for the compliments, I am pleased with it despite the issues.

    Once you've owned it for 11 months, make sure to get AppleCare for an additional two years of coverage. I had to pay $300 to replace a pinched backlight cable in my iBook/500 and have sworn to myself that I would never buy an Apple notebook without AppleCare again.

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    s.metcalfs.metcalf Posts: 875member
    Just a quick question. Why does Apple sell refurb units with the same specs as the new ones and where do you get these from? I'm in Australia and I don't think they have a refurbished option here.
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    mcqmcq Posts: 1,543member
    They sell them because some people return items for a refund for whatever reason (there's a 14-day return window for items purchased without build-to-order options), so they have to refurb them and resell as a refurbished item.

    As far as refurbs in Australia, not sure why they don't have refurbs available there... not sure which countries outside of the US (if any) Apple Store online sells refurbs in.
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    pbpb Posts: 4,233member

    Originally posted by MCQ

    not sure which countries outside of the US (if any) Apple Store online sells refurbs in.

    There is one in France, open only on Wednesdays.
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    There is one in the UK, open only on Wednesdays.
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    mmmpiemmmpie Posts: 628member
    I just sent my wifes ibook away because the hard drive failed.

    Cost fo repair: $300us

    Cost of Applecare: $300au

    So it paid for itself with one fault.

    Not only that, they are swapping the cdrom for a better one, and getting a new power adapter ( the old ones orange light doesnt go ).

    For a laptop I would absolutely get applecare.
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    sizzle chestsizzle chest Posts: 1,133member
    I just bought the exact same unit as rsgunther, also a refurb, but mine appears not to have any defects. A friend of mine, an IT Manager at a local TV station, assured me that he had purchased many refurbs (both desktop and laptop) from Apple and they've had a similar defect rate to brand new machines, and that convinced me to give it a try. I'm glad I did. I love this machine! I mean, I loved my 12" iBook before, but this thing is a lot faster, and the extra screen resolution is very handy.
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