How much would a Pismo be worth today?

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In a not so distant future I plan on selling my Pismo. How much should I ask for it considering it's a:

Powerbook G3 500MHz, 640Mb, 40Gb, DVD, Airport

Also consider that the DVD only works for original media (non burned) and the battery lasts about 7(!) minutes.


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    stoostoo Posts: 1,490member
    On eBay, Pismos are around £300 to £500, depending on condition. Yours looks like it should be quite high up, as it has a good specification. As it's quite recent prospective buyers shouldn't have much trouble getting a new battery.
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    kanekane Posts: 392member
    Thank you Stoo!
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    Buying/selling advice goes in General Discussion.

    Off we go!
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    rokrok Posts: 3,519member
    if the buyer is willing to fit the cost of a replacement battery, i believe newertech has been selling new "longer life" batteries for the pismo. honestly, my wife's pismo has the same issues... the battery just goes after a while and needs to be reconditioned or replaced. to the educated buyer, the pismo is still a great laptop, capable of a gig of ram, airport, can be upgraded to a g3 900 or a g4 500, is 802.11g compatible (my wife has a linksys card in hers, works fine once apple beefed up their airport support with one of their upgrades to support the chipset) and can carry two batteries, which (if they are new) will give you a lot of work time.
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    kanekane Posts: 392member

    Originally posted by Brad

    Buying/selling advice goes in General Discussion.

    Off we go!

    Really? Oh, sorry Brad!

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    kanekane Posts: 392member
    Thank you for your reply, rok!
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