my tower and non-"Superdrive" DVD-r burners?

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I have a DP-500 Tower and I want to get a DVD-R, I see some Pioneer DVR-104 for sale at about 375.00$ . . .

are these usable with my DP-500 tower?

are they close to the "superdrive"?

they don't have the extra letter after the name ex VR-104b . . . does this mean that they are not good for macs?

and what about DVD-R programs such as iDVD and or DVDpro...are these good with this kind of writer?

and the same questions with the Pioneer A04 . . . are these good for Macs? etc?

Will Apple ever start to sell the "Superdrive" seperately?


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    I'm not sure but I know that now the Superdrive is a BTO option on all towers, even the low end 800 for $200 bucks. So maybe, you could have one installed at Apple. It's worth looking into. I had the money for an external drive and a perfectly good (yet older) tower but I opted for the 800 w/superdrive just because I wanted to be able to KNOW I could use iDVD and always be compatable with Apple in the future.

    If you fee like it, give them a call.
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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    The DVR-A03 and DVR-A04 are the SuperDrive. They are identical to the drives Apple uses/used.
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