Yellow Box for Windows

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What ever happened to Yellow Box for Windows? If you look at one of the early Apple Rhapsody developer diagrams:

Yellow Box developers would benefit by writing one application that could run natively on both the PowerPC and Intel platforms.

Wasn't Yellow Box transformed in Cocoa? If so, in transformation process was the possiblity of Yellow Box for Windows lost or just forgotten about? With the ever increasing number of native Cocoa applications appearing for Mac OS X, is it possible for Apple to move forward again with the Yellow Box on Windows?


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    amorphamorph Posts: 7,112member
    Yellow Box == Cocoa.

    However, that was NeXT's strategy when they were a high-cost, low-volume company with no hardware platform, selling almost exclusively into the enterprise market.

    I don't doubt that if Apple wanted to, they could move Cocoa back over to Windows on fairly short notice. They would be really funny-looking Windows apps at this point, given the divergence of the two UIs, but it would be possible. However, since WebObjects is Apple's presence in the old NeXT market, and it's already handling this need with Java, Apple might not feel any need to move Cocoa over to Windows.

    It seems like they'd have something to gain by becoming the dev platform that you use to target anything, but first of all they'd have to appease developers spoiled by Microsoft's developer tools and support, and also they'd have to argue that the learning curve plus the reduced integration with Windows technologies was worth giving up the official developer platform for the bulk of the market - the safe, sure, bean-counter-pleasing choice. This sort of decision is rarely made on technical grounds, alas. (Besides, if you use CodeWarrior, you're already capable of cross-platform C++ development - but how many people do?)

    Given all that, Apple might not consider it worth the trouble.
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