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hi.. i have 2 partitions with mac os xtended journaled, but i want to make one of the partitions as a Free Space one.... how can i do this??


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    Why do you want to make it "free space"? You can't write to it if there's not a partition there.

    You can't combine partitions either. They're permanent until you decide to reformat (ie. erase) the whole hard drive.
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    Maybe he wants to wipe one into freespace so he can then install another OS... like Linux or something. However if he has to ask about "freespace" and partitions then maybe he sould read a bit more before doing anything drastic. You know, that he might regret.
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    emeeme Posts: 55member
    yes i want to install linux... any help??
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    I will gladly help... however I don't suggest you try Linux, based on your question.

    Anyhow... Which distro do you plan on installing?
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    emeeme Posts: 55member
    yellow dog ...
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    Well then that's simple...

    Just checking... you do have two partitions currently? Not one that you want to split into two?

    Well if you have two partitions and one (the first I am guessing) has OSX on it, then just save anything on the other partition (the one you wish to format). Then put the YDL Install CD 1 into your CD-ROM and reboot your computer... when it reboots hold the "c" key on your keyboard to boot off the cd.

    If your mac's video is supported (some are not but you can still have a graphical interface after the install, however you will need to go through a text install if it is not supported)

    Anyway, in all hopes the anaconda installer will start and you will be on your way. Fallow the installer instructions and answer any questions... you will get to the part where it asks you which drive you wish to install on... just select the partiton you want to format and check off the format partition option.

    EDIT: When installing you might see a list of partitions... much more then two. The others (normaly at the start of the drive) are just small Mac OS system drivers. So don't just take out the one you THINK is right... be positive that it is infact the partition you want format. Mistakes can lead to you formating OSX. Also note which partitions are checked off to be used... The one with OSX on it should not be used for installation.

    It will then ask you for a file system type. ext3 is a good choice. Then it will format the partition and continue with the install process.

    Words of advice from a Linux user... (me)

    1. If you have the space... Install everything. That way you can play around with the distro to it's fullest and you don't have to worry about missing software. After you get the hang of things you can reinstall a stripped down version that suits your needs.

    2. Currently while I think Linux is ready for Desktop use, it is still very different and non-user friendly... this holds all too true for people with a Mac background. If you think things will "just work" you might be in for a surprise. Give it a shot, and please, RTFM!!!

    3. RTFM!!! -- I know, I pointed this out in #2 but I feel it is so important that it is worth stating twice.
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    dobbydobby Posts: 796member
    Make sure you use YDL 3.0 as its consolidated KDE and GNOME into one desktop.

    It works a dream on my G3 350 and G4 Dual 533.

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    Originally posted by dobby

    Make sure you use YDL 3.0 as its consolidated KDE and GNOME into one desktop.

    It works a dream on my G3 350 and G4 Dual 533.


    Ummm... No! it does not. YDL has both KDE and Gnome but they are not merged into one desktop. You might be thinking of Wonderland... this is a pair of theme sets for KDE and Gnome that look the same so you feel like it is the same desktop when in Gnome and KDE... however they are still very different. You are able to run Gnome apps in KDE and vice-versa becasue the the right libs are installed for each. It might seem like the desktops have become one but it is all smoke and mirrors.

    And yes, YDL works great for older Mac hardware.
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    dobbydobby Posts: 796member
    Sorry, meant to say KDE and GNOME apps can run on either desktop (as pointed out above). Haven't send Wonderland but I only really use the desktop to have multiple terminal windows.

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