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Is it possible that 3 IDE hard disks can be used in this machine and how is it acheived?


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    I was always under the impression that it was, but it didn't seem simple to me when I tried. I expect you have to replace the 2 port IDE cable with a 3 port one, and add an extender to the power line. There are 3 mounting locations on the bottom of the case, so that's not a problem. The other option is to put a HD in place of the ZIP drive if you don't have one or aren't using it, but that IDE chain is only 66 MHz, not 100 MHz like the other one.
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    I'm no hardware expert, but I thought you could only have two drives on a single IDE cable -- a master and a slave. If you want more, you'll have to get a PCI card with a connector for the additional drives.

    The chassis should easily hold three drives, though, if not four. I currently have three drives in my dual 500 -- two on the built-in IDE and one on an Ultra SCSI 160 PCI card. It's a little bit cramped, but it works just fine.

    And since this is a hardware question, I'm moving this to Current Hardware.
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    Technically you should be able to fit 7 drives with the purchase of: 2 ATA Controller Cards, 2 Additional U-shaped drive sleds, and drive kit for above the Optical*. You can find ATA controller card easy enough but the later will need to be hunted down. I've seen a few pictures of people running 7+ drives before but they aren't securely fastened down.

    I only have two currently, both hooked up using a Serial ATA controller card so don't take my suggestions as personal experience but it can be done.

    * IIRC, this deviates an ATA point from the Zip bay which is NOT ideal as it is only ATA-33
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