G5's and Ebay scams

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I'm sure everyone is familiar with the most common ebay scams (http://www.flipshark.com/scams/ebayindex.html) and I think that Ebay has not done enough to thwart these kind of scams. Example, I was looking at a dual G5 and I asked the seller if I could arrange to pick up the systme if I won the bid since the seller location was near me. The seller gets back to me and says "Oh, I'm actually based in Portugal and I only take Western Union payments". Yeah, and I was born yesterday. The point is, how can someone say they're in the US if they're not? You need a valid credit card to register to Ebay, so you mean to tell me that they can't figure out a way to stop people from doing this? Really, I want to know. Is ebay doing enough and if not, what more should they be doing?

Lotsa G5's listed on ebay, most are dubious.

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    Every auction should have report function. If enough people are clicking it then surely someone should be investigating....
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