OS X Languages/Character Set Help!!!

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I'm a Japanese foreign language student and by attempting to type homework in Japanese characaters, I've somehow managed to completely change my character settings (particularly in Internet Explorer) so that many weird characters now appear in place of others. I've tried going back into the menus and changing settings back to what I thought were the original, defaults. However, this hasn't worked.

Is there a way to completely restore my language/character set settings back to the original, defaults? Ie, a "reset" button?


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    Do you see the little flag representing the language you are currently using? Sometimes I accidently change mine from English to Japanese by pressing command + space bar. This happens all the time when I am using any Adobe product. If you are using Japanese it should be the Japanese flag and when you are using English it would be the American Flag (or other Flag depending on where you live). In Internet Explorer you can choose which character (like Western or Japanese) set to view. It is under View/Character Set.

    I have never experienced the kind of problems you are experiencing so I don't know what to recommend. You can set which Languages are avaliable in the System Preferences or there is an application that makes it easy to remove unwanted languages. I can't remember the product name but I am sure that someone here would know. Best of luck.
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    What is the default OS X IE character set? Western? Universal Alphabet?
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    Originally posted by laughablebutanebob

    What is the default OS X IE character set?

    Western (Latin 1)
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