Near Death Experiences

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When I was 12 or so, my Aunt, Uncle, Cousins and myself went into the Black mountains in Arizona as we often did as recreation to treasure hunt and pan for gold. We came across a large dried up stream bed with a bridge over it. My uncle and aunt decided it would be a good place to stop and set up a base. They began to prepare the area for lunch and sent us on our way to explore. My cousin and I set out down the river bed to hunt for anything we could discover. We must have been walking for a good 45 minutes, when it started to sprinkle. We were getting hungry and it was nearing lunch time. We decided to head back. We got back and were served lunch right under the bridge out of the rain.

It was decided that since it was raining, that further exploration would be curtailed and now would be a good time to leave and head back home. We all pitched in and got the car loaded back up.

We all piled into the car and began to pull away from the area. Not 10 seconds after crossing the bridge over the area we were in, a wall of water slammed into and over the bridge removing part of the bridge and totally twisting it like a pretzel.

We all looked at each other and said nothing and my uncle just said, "let's get the hell out of here, ok guys?"

Flash floods suck.

Anyone else with near death stories?


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    ganondorfganondorf Posts: 573member
    That's awesome.
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    mattjohndrowmattjohndrow Posts: 1,618member
    i almost drowned when i was 4 cuz i couldn't swim and i jumped into the deep end of a pool cuz it was hot

    when i was in 9th grade i stuck a paper clip into each of the holes in an electrical outlet cuz i thought i was grounded and wanted to scare my teacher-i wasn't grounded though
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    midwintermidwinter Posts: 10,060member
    I wrapped a Jeep Cherokee around two trees at 70 mph. Hydroplaned while driving down the interstate and when we hit dry road, we shot off into the median.
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    crazychestercrazychester Posts: 1,339member
    This doesn't come close to yours NapleX because that is in Twilight Zone territory but...

    I've had a few NDEs but it was the last one about 3 or 4 years ago, a bad bicycling accident, that has continued to fascinate me the most.

    Hurtling along at a fair clip, I've hit a depression in the footpath. Laws of physics take over, bike momentarily stops its forward motion but I continue mine over the handle bars, head first without a helmut. It was the time between leaving the bicycle seat and hitting the pebblecrete that was so amazing.

    I know the brain kicks into overdrive big time when threatened but it was as if I was able to observe it do this in minute detail. First, everything in the universe except me, the bike and the pebblecrete ceased to exist. Then the time dilation thing kicked in. Freaky! What can't have taken more than a couple of seconds suddenly seemed to take about ten or fifteen. And throughout that time, it's as if I'm consciously aware but in a casual bystander kind of way of my brain first doing a few quick calculations involving trajectory, velocity etc., coming to the conclusion that it is about to end up either dead or seriously brain damaged and then bypassing all conscious thought centres to force muscles to contract in such a way that I've twisted in the air.

    Anyway, instead of a caved in cranium, when I finally slammed into the ground it was on the back of my right shoulder. Still got pretty badly beaten up - broken collar bone, severe gravel rash, various leg injuries and bruised everywhere - but alive. In fact, my head ended up about the only thing that wasn't injured.

    But those moments in the air were very trippy indeed. And it's still so vivid it's as if I can replay the whole thing like a movie in my head even now. The brain is capable of some very weird shit.
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    I was driving back to college after Spring Break. It was raining so hard that I couldn't see. I took a wrong turn, came out at a road that I wasn't expecting, and had to cut the wheel hard to correct. The car hydroplaned into the other lane for about five seconds, then smashed into a culvert. I stopped about 20 yards from a power relay station.
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    giaguaragiaguara Posts: 2,724member
    i was a split second late to get really badly crushed by a car when i was 12.

    my feel of 'somehting is wrong' has saved me more times than i can think. i act automatically, but others always dont - ended up once me having to save a friend from being shot under my home.

    and twice something worse (sorry, i don't feel like explaining more about it right now). im more scared about living than what is on the other side.
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    billybobskybillybobsky Posts: 1,914member
    not perhaps near death but freaky anyway:

    It was after hurricane hugo in charleston and I was riding my bike around my neighborhood which was mostly cleared of large trees but still had remnants of pine needles and such when out of nowhere i hear this screaming of an animal (high pitch non-stop growl). I turn around to see what it was... I was being chased by an angry squirrel (it may have even been rabid). As I turned to face the direction my bike was moving, the rear wheel slipped on the pine needles and i went down with it. Just as the squirrel was about to leap on me, this orange cat appeared out of the bushes on the side of the street and caught it mid-air, at which point i got on my bike and fled...

    i think the cat disappeared soon afterward :/...

    i have fallen asleep while driving on the highway... not a good thing...

    i also have hydroplaned from an intersection into a slow moving fishtail onto a busy road. first trying to stop the spinning by turning with it, then avoiding the 18-wheelers by turning against it. the whole event was a good thirty seconds and i came safely to a stop on the side of the road... one tire removed from its rim...
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    murbotmurbot Posts: 5,262member
    Mine have all been in a vehicle.

    Driving my wife and grandma through the Rockies on our way to BC years ago, on a right hand turn around a mountain, small guard rail and huge dropoff to the left. We start to slide, and there is a full barrage of semis coming in the left lane. Zero room for error... we slide into that lane and we're dead. Took about 2 or 3 corrective turns, a bit of sliding, a bit of breath holding, and I finally got control of it. No one in the vehicle said a word for about 5 minutes. That 10 seconds of stress seemed to take 5 minutes.

    I had a huge truck blow through a stop sign right in front of me last year after a snowfall, and the roads were really icy. He had this huge scoop on the front, and was supposed to be making the roads safe for me by clearing snow, but he ended up almost clearing my sorry ass off the road. I glance over to my left and see this HUGE scoop with a wicked sharp point on the side closest to me, sliding through a stop sign right across my path. It was so close that even though I hammered the anti-lock brakes, I almost ran into the bastard's passenger side. That scoop would have torn me in half.

    A funny one that was possibly life threatening was in a buddy's Hyundai Pony cruising along at night. We're going about 120 km/hr and we hit a deer. It was the freakiest thing, like someone instantly flashed a photograph of a deer in front of us. *BOOM* We hit it, the headlights explode, and we're whizzing along in total darkness. My friend shrieks in horror and puts his hands up to his face.... which is fine I guess, except for the fact that we're still FLYING DOWN THE HIGHWAY!!!

    I had to reach over and grab the wheel. He was so scared I think I almost steered all the way until he stopped the car. What a girl.

    The lady behind us said the deer flew 15 feet in the air. Windshield didn't even have a crack in it. The same couldn't be said for the grill, hood, and engine, however. It took 5 minutes for the deer to die, which was pretty sad...

    So I guess I've been lucky. Not too many near death experiences for me.
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