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I was minding my own beezwax when...

I go to iHop in KC suburb. Long line. We wait outside on benches to be called for a table. Need breakfast and coffee.

2 guys walk up sit next to us. One is on the cell phone with KCI checking flights. We start talking to them. Nice guys. 30ish. Hipster clothes and shades, but down to earth. My girlfriend I are chatting to them and making convo. Chit chat...

They go inside for a sec to check their place in line for a table (20-30 min wait). They come back out and are near us again. They go off to get a KC paper and as the are walking away, it dawns on us that one of them is no other than the male actor who played the little weenie brother on WHO'S THE BOSS.


They come back before we get called and I asked them wha's up, and sure enough, it's him!

They end up sitting next to us in a VERY crowded OP iHop for about and hour and just shot the shit and talked. Cool dudes.

He is in town for a dinner theatre play for until April 11.

He's gonna hook me up with Allissa Milano!

OK, I made that part up.


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    Originally posted by dstranathan


    1995 called, they want their web design back.
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    He'd be good on queer as folk, keeping it in his comfort zone.
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    Yeah, he's had ads on TV here in KC about his silly little play. In the ad, he says something like, "Since 'Who's the Boss,' I've been keeping busy on the Broadway theatre scene, and now I'm in KC with my lastest play...."

    I'll pass, thanks.
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