St. Paul Pioneer Press article uses iChat picture with no mention of Apple

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Interesting. I was searching for an article for some research I'm doing, and I stumbled across this article:

So, 2004 is a great year for video conferencing. There's even one of Apple's stock photos for iChat AV. But no mention of the iSight, iChat, Apple, or the Macintosh, even though that is perhaps the most useful way to do video conferencing on the cheap right now. In fact, the article mostly talks about videophones, text relay, and even laments the use of webcams because of the slow, unclear image with a small field of view. The iSight isn't perfect, but it's certainly better than a regular webcam! I just find it funny that they use Apple's iChat picture but then go on to write an article that is basically contradicting everything Apple is trying to do with the iSight - that is, make video conferencing easy to do at home without relying on external services or expensive equipment.

EDIT: Overlooked this related article...

I suppose in the actual paper, they were right next to each other, so it would have made more sense. Still seems funny that they put the iChat picture in the article that says how bad webcams are, and not in the one that talks specifically about iChat/iSight. Oh well, I always preferred the Star Tribune anyway.
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