Do you use iTunes radio?

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I'm really pleased with some of these stations!

I've been listening to KCRW:music , KCRW simulcast , (modern jazz) the most, but I've also been checking out the Urban and electronic channels.

there are some good channels here, I don't have a car in boston, and I don't have a radio in my room, so this is really nice to get clear static free radio!

good stuff

What stations do you listen to? where can one get more?


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    mlnjrmlnjr Posts: 230member
    I don't have much use for the pre-programmed stations, although I sometimes check out WFMU because of the variety there. You can't add to the list of stations in the radio section, but you can use iTunes to listen to streaming content from probably hundreds of radio stations if you know the address.
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    lucylucy Posts: 44member
    Personally I am a huge fan of WOXY. I like the selection of music, and am hoping it does not decline once their over-the-air broadcast ends.

    I also liked KCRW and Secret Agent, they have fun music.

    I am disappointed that I can't add stations to the radio tab, but it isn't a big problem. I sometimes like to listen to local college radio, so sometimes I tune in WMBC, since WJHU/WHSR stopped broadcasting.
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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    I'm a big fan of "Dub Beautiful Collective" in the Ambient section. It's great as background music/sound while working on other things or even taking a nap!
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    cubedudecubedude Posts: 1,556member
    Sometimes I listen to it when I can't find anything in my music library. Mostly I listen to the jazz stations just for a change.
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    mattjohndrowmattjohndrow Posts: 1,618member
    i love afterhoursdj, and musicone!
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    kennethkenneth Posts: 832member
    Massinova here.

    MusicOne is cool.. but my school network can't handle 128k stream.
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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    I used to use that but I got tired of the small selections.

    I use SHOUTCAST now and can find everything I like..
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    I love the HappyHardcore stream under Electronic.. Yum Yum!
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    fulmerfulmer Posts: 171member
    I love Chronix under Hard Rock/Metal! I've been listening to them almost everyday for the past 15months (that's when I got my first Mac -iBook G3 800).
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    podmatepodmate Posts: 183member
    Club 977 under 80's is ALWAYS playing when I am anywhere near my computer.
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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    I listen to some oldies stations (Crazy's Al's Radio Party) in the 50's and 60's section. Also, lots of Irish/Celtic stuff in Americana, and some rockabilly.

    And occasionally, just for enormous giggles, I'll tune in to ieAmerica (left-leaning talk radio) in the Talk section, just to remind myself how NOT to view the world.

    "All-Bush-bashing, all-the-time...24/7...Conspiracy! Lies! Rumsfeld looks mean! Halliburton! Clear Channel! WMD! BOO! Nation-building! Drugs! Hallib...oops, already said it! FCC! Air National Guard! Mel Gibson! Guns! NRA! Enron. Enron and Halliburton. The Passion of the Christ and no WMDs! Rush flashed his tit while watching the Super Bowl! Matt Drudge! Ashcroft is laid up...hahaha! But first, a word from our sponsor..."

  • Reply 12 of 13 in the 'eclectic' selection rules my Mac. You might get Kraftwerk next to Funkadelic next to Susumu Yokota next some classic old salsa track next to some out there drum n bass or jazz tune... wicked. Here's their last twenty tunes:

    Neil Young - vampire buff

    Warm Jets 05 Driving Me Backwards

    Solex - Solex All Licketysplit

    sutekh - miasma ep (fim 182) - b1 - trinkets

    Various Artists - Shanachie Records Klezmer/Yiddish - B'rosh Hashono - Joseph Shapiro

    Ravi Harris & The Prophets - Cissy Strutt

    Brian Eno - Fleeting Smile

    Gustav Holst - Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity

    Ladytron - Paco!

    Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Making Love After Hours

    Marvin Gaye - Love Me Now Or Love Me Later

    Shanachie Records Compilations - Everybody Loves My Baby - Taylor's Dixie Serenaders

    Otha Turner & The Afrossippi.. - Station Blues

    Various Artists - Buda Musique - Tezeta Slow - Getatchew Kassa

    The Dave And Deke Combo - Baby's Hot Rod

    Mississippi Fred McDowell And Johnny Woods - John Henry

    Faust - Stretch Over All Times

    Couch - Slogan
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    gsxrboygsxrboy Posts: 565member
    You know I never even thought about it until reading this thread yesterday, I had been on dialup so long I never bothered, but with adsl at home now I gave it a go and knocked over a few hours on (thru itunes) last night
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