Satellite users in europe, unite! (and Australia)

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'lo all,

The Mac scene for watching and recording TV via satellite has been pretty dismal until now. Only eyeTV has a product, but it costs about 300+euros. Yes, its a great box, has a remote, and is firewire. But still.

One of the most popular brands is TechnoTrend and they have various manufacturers that re-brand their products. The most known is Hauppauge. Anyway, there are various opensource efforts to get it to work in Linux. And while the drivers have been a round a while, no one has ported them to OS X. Until now.

If you go to you can join in and help with testing Drivers, etc. especially go to for the forums.

Anyway, this will also help in the development of Internet Via satellite. And thats where I come in.

If anyone is interested in Internet Via Satellite (in Europe), please let me know and in the next few months you can beta test the service.


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    I'm still looking out for the dish and the LNB? have to look a bit because of money issues. (that is, no money)

    will hold you up to date.
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