VPN icon: Where did this come from?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
A VPN icon has just appeared on my desktop and I've no idea where it has come from. Unfortunately, I have made three changes to my machine over the weekend and I'm not sure which has done this.

1. I installed Apple Remote Desktop over the weekend but I'm sure the icon wasn't there then. A quick look at system prefs tells me that VPN ( L2TP ) is configured but not connected.

2. I upgraded the drivers for my Alcatel USB Speedtouch modem to work with Panther.

3. I installed Panther itself.

Some help please. Where is it from, do I need it and if not, how can I get rid of it. ?



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    talksense101talksense101 Posts: 1,737member
    I don't know if you need it, but you can get rid of it using internet connect. Delete the VPN configuration in there and you will find a check box for removing status on the menu bar as well.
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