MPEG 2 trouble

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My boss has asked me to extract a couple of chapters from a noncommercial DVD. I was able to accomplish this with the freeware app MacTheRipper, which creates a .VOB file. I can open this in Quicktime (with the MPEG 2 Playback Component) and both the audio and video play well. However, when I import this into other Quicktime-aware apps, including Final Cut Pro, the audio component is missing. When I attempt to export the video within Quicktime into another format, audio options are disabled because there is no audio track (just an single "MPEG 2 Muxed" track).

Are there better ways of ripping select chapters from a DVD? If not, how can I export the audio from the VOB file's MPEG 2 Muxed track? Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    jccbinjccbin Posts: 476member
    Look for a de-muxer on macupdate or versiontracker. ALso check your FCP docs for info.

    QT Pro may do this, but I think it is a bit archaic on the how-to.

    You might end up creating a beep/blink in QT, then re-syncing the audio and video in another app.

    Hope this helps!
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