BlogStudio for .Mac vs. iBlog

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I am thinking of finally getting into the blog bandwagon. I do have a .Mac account therefore I was thinking of using either BlogStudio for .Mac or iBlog. Does anyone have opinions on which of the above blog applications is better intergrated with .Mac? In which application is it easier to enter and update your blogs in?

If there is something that I have not thought of, please let me know.

Also, does anyone know the real deal regarding iBlog and .Mac? Some people say that it is still a .Mac freebie while others say you must re-register it by paying for it. If iBlog is a .Mac freebie, how do you go about registering it?


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    ipodandimacipodandimac Posts: 3,273member
    i just started bloggin too, but i dont have .mac and dont wanna pay jsut yet. i went through a site called Live Journal. it takes a while to customize, but it's pretty good. anyways, i use iJournal with it, and its great. i guess none of that is really relevant, but oh well.
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