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I have a question about the APP Warranty. I am thinking of getting a 12" Powerbook, and I was wondering if I should add the APP Warranty when I buy the powerbook. I will buy the plan eventually but not sure if I should get it now.

My question is, since the APP plan increases the warranty to 3 years from when you order the book. If I buy it after a year, would it be adding 2 years to my plan?


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    Allright thanks. Just making sure =)
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    Originally posted by Life-n-Death

    Allright thanks. Just making sure =)

    I think.. They should also offer a 4 year
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    Oh? Say after the 1 year warranty, I get the 2 year additional warranty. If that expires, can I pay for another 2 years?
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    no you can't. if only it were so \
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    Heh, It doesn't really matter. In 3 years I'd get another computer =D
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