Sweet iBook G3 deals...

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You can get an older iBook G3 800 at MacMall now (with free printer, other etc.) for $699 after rebate ($40 rebate). 8) That's a sweet deal for anybody looking for a purely functional machine to do internet/word pro. on --- and it's portable.

Take that to the people cheering about their POS Dell notebooks that are "so much" cheaper than PowerBooks or iBooks!


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    dmband0026dmband0026 Posts: 2,345member
    That is a sweet deal, but I hate to break it to you...G3 iBooks aren't very fast. They don't compete with the modern day systems that you speak of.

    But still...a hard deal to pass up.
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    fred_ljfred_lj Posts: 607member
    I had a 500 MHz G3 12" iBook for a while...it performed very well under OS 9 (which is all I ran at the time). I did InDesign/Photoshop work on it, and it never really complained (had a lot of RAM in it also). But, yes, having a G4 now has changed things, and the iBook G3s are probably much (perceptibly) slower. That, plus the move to OS X...G3s and OS X just don't make nice playmates at all.
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    dmband0026dmband0026 Posts: 2,345member
    True. I wasn't implying that the G3 is a slug, it's still a decent chip (and it's not a Moto, thats always a plus), but you are correct about the G3 and OS X not caring for each other too much. But load that sucker up with RAM and you have yourself one capable computer for another year or two.
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    dstranathandstranathan Posts: 1,717member
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    crusadercrusader Posts: 1,129member
    Mmm, now if I can just get an Apple laptop for $50...
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    I have no complaints with my G3 Ibook 800mhz, and OSX with 640mb ram.
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