Is anyone running UAE (amiga) on their mac?

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Somewhat out of nostalgic curiosity, I decided to search the web for screenshots of old amiga games, when I came across the UAE amiga emulator, so I gave it a try. OMG!!! what a blast. It took a while... and some! to set up, but when Id found all the roms and workbenches, it really did work. So I went off to get some games and stuff, and they worked.

I guess you have to have been a mid-teen around 1990, like me, to be into this stuff, but shit, what these guys were doing with <8Mhz and 16 bits was awesome. Perhaps the start of modern computing as we know it. How could something this far advanced die such a quick and tragic death!


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    gargoylegargoyle Posts: 660member

    Can you send me linkages and / or the files. I am one of those people that used to go to school with a bag full of 3.5" floppy disks.

    "They don't make nostalgia like they used to."
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    the amiga at the time was way ahead graphically and was the machine to have. i remember all those flame wars i used to have with spectrum owners, much like the windows,mac, linux flames that go on today, so i guess most window users were spectrum owners

    It was a shame commodore went bust though when gateway bought it and resold all the A1200's it just goes to show how popular this machine was and still is.
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    marcukmarcuk Posts: 4,442member

    I'll keep updating this as I go, but for now, the main link is

    i'd strongly advise to go to and more specifically because it makes the final product much more usable, even if it is quite complicated.

    I found the kickstart3.1 and workbench3.1 quite easily by googling, but I think its probably against AI rules to post links here, as they are technically still under copyright.

    Some more links to software are

    beware, that there is alot of dead links out there, so it can be a real bitch to get anywhere at times. Ive been to places over this weekend and the availability of sites can be quite intermittent. Also if you have access to a good PC, Id recommend using that over the Mac version.(sadly its true)

    You need to find a demo called lsd-Jesus on E's. Fabulous.

    Some useful tips. But Im no expert.

    to start, look for .adf files, these are floppy images and will boot on startup, there are harddrive installer utilities, for lha files, but i havn't quite worked the process out yet.

    There are several sites that list thousands of games, but the download will reveal 0kb, so they're all dead!, check the genuinity of a couple of files from a site before mass downloading.

    most games are EEC/Amiga 500 compatible, so use the amiga 500/aiab's floppy config for best results if you get that far.

    Expect a lot of grief setting this up. It took me about 2 days of experimenting/googling/testing, before I had a good amiga. But had I found AIAB first, this would have been dramitically reduced. Ive got about 90% success at the moment running stuff. Follow AIAB instructions to the letter if you decide to use it.

    When you get to a good site, always check out their links section. This will reveal potentially several other good sites.

    I might be able to help if you have any specific questions.

    BTW, Im emulating a 68020 at 1.663 GHZ
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    this thread inspired to go a routing through me garage. I have a commodore vic 20, amiga 1200 and a commodore 64 all with games and perhiperals.

    Sadly the vic 20 is dead and the 64's tape drive and tapes are knackered, but the old 1200 is alive Now if only i can be arsed to load monkey island

    I have to say though, nostalgic it may be thank god for progress
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    gargoylegargoyle Posts: 660member
    Noooooooo it needs classic... I'm off to google.

    Just trying these, an experimental UAE for OSX. <-- OSX UAE <-- LibSDL, to make it run without X
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    forgot about this company is stillin business selling amiga gear, i also spotted the amiga UAE emulator for pc on sale in HMV's for a tenner with a ton of games.

    EDIT: It's alive, It's a mini mac!

    It wont die!!
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